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There is no more important way that we can all express ourselves as Americans than at the polls; for it is only through voting that we can set the course for our nation.

It is also important to keep in mind that the State of Florida recommends you regularly update your signature on file, which is particularly important if you intend to vote by mail.

Here are the links to voter registration forms that you can fill out online or download and submit.

Haitian Kreyol


Voting by Mail

In 2020 more Democrats signed up for voting by mail than Republicans for the first time since the program was expanded. The Republicans in the Florida Legislature were so upset by this increase in voting that they worked with Governor DeSantis and enacted a new law that wiped out everyone’s vote by mail requests following the 2022 elections.

As such you will MUST submit a new request for this year’s elections by going to this link on the Miami Dade County Elections Website and completing the form if you want to be able to vote by mail:

Click here to apply to vote by mail!