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My Story

I am a LIFELONG DEMOCRAT who was born in Pasadena in April of 1969 but my family moved to South Florida in 1970 and to Miami Beach in 1971. My father ran his Kosher food business in South Florida for 50 years and my mother taught English and was a school principal at Landau Yeshiva before deciding to return to the University of Miami to earn her JD. My wife Silvia and I live in Miami having moved west over the Bay in 2021. Silvia taught at Georgetown University for 14 years before graduating from law school and today she represents artists from across Europe.

My professional background has included:

  • 25 years developing digital distribution solutions and user experiences for broadcast networks, movie studios, and digital properties; as well as several government agencies and non-government organizations.
  • 20 years in live remote  sports television for ABC, ESPN, and CBS (where I was a member of the IBEW) covering operations, production, and engineering. 
  • In 2004 I took on the county over touch screen voting machines and worked to require a voter verifiable paper trail that ultimately became the version of optical scan voting with the ability to correct errors that we have today.
  • Since February of 2022 my wife Silvia and I have spent a lot of our time on the ground providing food and material aid on both sides of the Slovak-Ukraine Border to the women, children, and elderly who have been displaced by Russia’s war on Ukraine. I was honored to have received recognition from the City of Miami Beach as well as in Europe. Here is video from The City of Miami Beach, as well as, local news coverage here in Miami (CBS4 and NBC6) from the early days of the War:

Arnie & Silvia Recognized by The Miami Beach City Commission for Their Efforts in Ukraine

Miami Couple at Slovakia/Ukraine Border Helping Refugees

Miami Beach Man on Front Lines of Efforts to Help Ukrainian Refugees