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My Plan as Supervisor

As your Supervisor of Elections I will use my years of expertise to upgrade the systems the county uses to administer elections and inform voters. I will also be a fierce advocate for the goal that every eligible voter in the county is able to cast their vote. We will continue to vote on paper but we do need to modernize many of the other part of the Elections Department and its procedures.

  • Update on site precinct operations so that we reduce voter processing time.
  • Move to a system that would allow a voter to vote at any precinct on election day since all polling locations can be provided with the full voter roles. We know this already works because early voting already leverages this model
  • Secure mail in voting so we know the person requesting the ballot is the voter instead of relying on signature matching as the sole means of verification.
  • Providing more accurate and timely information to individual voters using SMS and email so the Department reduces its reliance on the US Postal Service. This will greatly reduce costs since the Department does pay for postage.
  • Improve the integration of available state and federal data so that all and only legally eligible voters are able to exercise their right to vote.
  • Work to register High School Seniors in the country to vote and educate them on why they need to embrace voting at an early age

I would also be the Supervisor of the largest county in the state and so I would work with other like minded Supervisors to:

  • Improve Voter registration and education so more voters understand the limitations that come from registering as NPA.
  • Expand or adjust early voting hours so we can account for people working later in the evening; those who can’t vote on Saturday’s until sundown; or those who are trying to conduct Souls to the Polls events on Sundays.
  • Lobby the state to fix the identified errors, shortcomings, and legislative roadblocks to improving voter registration and turnout.
  • Work to change Florida law and Democratic Party policy so we have a primary system that encourages higher voter participation and allows independent voters to take part.
  • Work with the Departments of Corrections and Probations so the Departments provides accurate and binding information to voters who are seeking to reclaim their voting rights safely and without fear or reprisals.
  • Allow for ballot Drop Boxes at secure locations such as Early Voting Locations, Post Offices, and City Halls. This will greatly reduce the cost of postage and increase the likelihood people will be able to return ballots on time.
  • Compel the state to pay for the return postage of all mail in ballots.
  • Solicit and accept Federal and State funding to develop and implement new solutions and technology to increase voter participation and assure election integrity.