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Fourth of July Statement

MIAMI, FL (JULY 4, 2024) – Today we celebrate what George Washington called “the last great experiment for protecting human happiness” as we commemorate the 248th anniversary of the adoption of our country’s Declaration of Independence. 

And yet today, we find that the underlying ideals of that Declaration have never been in greater peril.  Just 3 days ago the Supreme Court determined that a President does have the powers of a King or Queen when in office and stands above the law with their actions outside the reach of our Justice System. 

No leader should assume office seeking immunity for their actions unless that leader already knows that they need such protection. Immunity will only allow a President to put the full force of the government upon the people instead of in support of them.  We all witnessed the extent to which Donald Trump went to try to avoid leaving power.

At the state level we have seen where Governor DeSantis and the legislature have done everything they can to make voting more complicated and less accessible.  They have purged the mail in voting rolls; limited who can register voters; and mandated irregular and costly purging of voting roles despite absolutely no tangible evidence of ineligible voters voting in our elections without intent.  The State of Florida also continues to not participate in sharing of date with other states so we can eliminate illegal multi state voting.  Ultimately, the Governor and Republican dominated legislature have undermined the confidence that people have that their representation is representative of them.

Unfortunately, the citizens of House District 107 in North Miami, Miami Gardens, Sunny Isles, and North Miami Beach now face disenfranchisement and election fraud at the hands of our broken statutes and ineffective leadership at the State and local level. As a result, they will have an unqualified candidate appearing on the ballot next month in a race that will fully seat a member of the Florida State House.  This was all clearly preventable if the underlying systems had been engineered to do the job of preventing either the candidate or the Department of State from proceeding and this is why I am running for Miami-Dade Supervisor of Elections so that we prevent this type of perversion of our electoral process from being allowed to occur.


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