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MIAMI, FL (JUNE 14, 2024) – Today I filed the forms and paid the fee to appear on the Democratic Primary ballot this August, just as was done by the other three candidates in the race since no one qualified via signature.  This of course shines a light on the inequity involved in making the ballot a “pay to play” scheme that too many find outside their reach.  

However, unlike the other candidates (regardless of party affiliation) I have also provided the voters of Miami-Dade a plan as to what I want to do should I win the support of the Democratic Primary voters in August and then from all the voters in the county in November.

No candidate in this race has any incumbency or name identification.  This is why I call on the elected leaders, unions, and community organizations of the county to actually meet with each of the candidates and discuss the plans the candidates have for improving the Department. Ask them how they the role of Supervisor before proclaiming anyone the front runner or the best choice for the County based solely on sharing a common Campaign Manager.

This is truly a field of unknown candidates and it is up to the media and voters to ask the questions necessary to assess who is actually a representative of the Democratic Party and what it stands for.


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