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Republican vs. Democrat

Why Voters Must Choose a True Democrat for Supervisor of Elections

For the last 25 years it has been very clear that Republicans in this state want to do everything they can to reduce the number of people who vote.  Voters in Miami-Dade face a real choice in the Democratic primary between myself (a lifelong democrat) and a candidate who has now changed his party affiliation having spent his entire career as a Republican politician in the Florida State House and then as a lobbyist and lawyer for Republican politicians (like Republican Congressman Carlos Gimenez).

Setting aside my opponents failure to explain his work with the GOP in 2000 during and after the election (he was elected to the Florida State House less than a year later) let’s look at his party’s record; including while he was a member:

  • Most recently the Republicans used their total control of state government to purge the vote by mail system because too many Democrats and Independents had registered and voted by mail in 2020.  This alone has cost Miami-Dade taxpayers millions through additional mailings and processing of new forms by the Department.
  • They have put obstacles in place so former felons can’t get their voting rights back despite this having been overwhelmingly approved by the voters of this state.  The cost spent on show trials for those whose rights were mistakenly restored would have more than paid for the fix to this issue.
  • They have worked to make it harder for groups like the league of women voters to register voters because of conspiracy theories about phantom and dead voters that have no basis in fact.
  • They have blocked the use of ballot drop boxes despite providing an even greater level of security and guarantee that every vote will be counted not to mention the cost to taxpayers for the postage to mail back ballots.

The Republicans are very good at calling Democrats names that inflame the passions of their voters and other low information groups but in reality the only rights they actually stand for are:

  • The rights of your employer to determine what your healthcare should be are more important than yours.
  • The rights of people to purchase actual weapons of war that have left so many innocent people dead.
  • The rights of their party to draw State and Federal districts without regard for the clearly stated position of the voters at the ballot box.

Let’s also not forget that they have spent millions targeting those organizations, corporations, and groups who dare stand up to their rights restricting agenda. Ultimately, the Republican party has been on the attack when it comes to taking away the rights of Floridians on issues like:

  • Healthcare where Republicans have refused billions in Federal money that has bent the cost curve and improved healthcare outcomes in the states where it was expanded.
  • Privacy on issues from your body to the books you want to read where Republicans in Tallahassee put their special interests above your rights.
  • Pharmaceutical access where Republicans have prioritized their religious or personal beliefs over your health in restricting access to medication your doctor prescribes to you.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result and unfortunately this is the treadmill that voters in Florida have put themselves on for the last 25 years.  

Register to vote as a Democrat in the primary this August 20th so you can vote for me as your Supervisor of Elections in Miami-Dade county.


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