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7 Ways to Improve Voting in Miami-Dade

  • Move towards precinctless voting on Election Day. (We already do this for early voting and this would allow teachers, construction workers, and all citizens to have the flexibility to vote near or even at the place where they work (since many schools are precincts.)
  • Work to build the APIs, database, or middleware necessary to allow the Department to requalify people whose voting rights should be eligible for restoration or provide a definitive answer on what action needs to happen to allow for the requalification to occur. (This is simple development work.)
  • Integrate and deploy the same type of camera based solutions used by TSA and CBP to instantly confirm voter identities and greatly speed the onsite processing time so that people are to get in and out of polling places more quickly.
  • Upgrade the supporting infrastructure so we are able to better ensure voter confidence in results by retaining ballot images for the Federal standard of 11 months.
  • Reduce the Department’s reliance on the USPS as a means of communications due to delays and issues with the postal service (not to mention the incredibly large cost compared to that of using SMS and email).  
  • Work with our high schools to recruit Seniors and older Juniors to register to vote and to work as poll workers so we build an early pipeline.
  • Launch a voter education campaign so we reduce the number of unaffiliated voters.  We will do this by highlighting that being independent may be a cornerstone of being an American but in Florida it means giving up your right to complain about who is on the ballot in November.


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