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Arnold “Arnie” Weiss

In March of 2024, I received a notice from the county stating that I was to be purged from the voting rolls because the notice claimed I had not voted in the two most recent general elections. Upon calling the department, they confirmed that I was an active voter who had voted, but my new voting card had been returned as 'street unknown' by the post office two times (I live on Biscayne Boulevard). I decided to run because I can fix these issues and take on those who seek to delegitimize our elections, unlike the career politicians who were already in the race.

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I am ready to give the people of Miami-Dade all I have as Supervisor of Elections and I am hoping you will give as well.

Please donate to my campaign so I can stand up for the voting rights of all of the legally eligible voters in Miami-Dade.

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